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SimplySecure Management System


Easier and more comprehensive than standard installed encryption software. Ordinary encryption software can be an invasive burden to your IT staff and harmful to your organization’s productivity. Encryption has earned a poor reputation, but there is a much better approach – Beachhead Solutions cloud-based software.

Leveraging the “cloud” through a secure web-based management console, administrators of Beachhead tools remotely deploy and centrally-manage security policy throughout their PC environment. Encryption is a baseline level of security to provide compliance to a growing list of regulatory requirements for corporate and consumer data, but with Beachhead, encryption is just one of many tools to protect the security and integrity of your data. Two-way communications provides organizational visibility and the ultimate in PC data control including the unique ability to remotely deny and restore access to the data on a PC which may be compromised.

Please ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do any of your employees have confidential or sensitive data stored on their PC’s and laptops?
  • Could any of your employees have written down passwords in their PDA’s, notebooks or on sticky notes?
  • When employees leave the company, are you able to ensure the immediate return of every laptop?
  • Has your company implemented a Data Security Policy that covers PC and laptop data?
  • Does your company employ a policy of complex and regularly changed PC login passwords?
  • Could you retrench or terminate employees who are in possession of their laptops?
  • Are your PC’s or laptops ever left unattended with the power on?
  • Can you assure customers and clients that the security measures you’ve deployed for PC data protection (eg encryption, multi-factor authentication) will protect their data in the event of a PC or laptop loss?
  • Has your company experienced a PC or laptop loss or theft in the last year?
  • Do you have the ability to destroy at-risk data after a PC or laptop loss?